The Beauty of Paris’ Down Under: Metro Station

Re-read my last post about Paris, has led me to open my Paris’ pictures which brought thousand of memories. And the first memories which came out was my experience exploring the city by using train. If you have read my previous post “Paris, Je t’aime”, even my first impression about this city is got from my arrival in Gare du Nord which is one of Paris’ six large train station. And during my 2 and half days stay in the city, I did ‘Metro Station crawling’ as my way to explore Paris combine with walk.

Entrance to Metro Station

Entrance to Metro Station

Start in Gare du Nord as our arrival point and ended in Gare de Lyon as our departure point – leaving Paris. Some of our in between are: Gare d’Austerlitz, Musee du Louvre, Rivoli, Concorde, St. Michel, Cluny La Sorbonne, Place Monge, Tuileries, Chatelet, Hotel de Ville, Bastille, Blanche, Pigalle, Bir Hakeim, and maybe 5 more other stations.



It was incredibly easy! Paris has 2 type of train system: Metro & RER. If you want to know more about their differences, you could read it in website ‘Paris by Train’. In short words, Metro has more stops than RER. Other than that, both system is fully integrated, so it would be no problem. Since I am a traveler, the most important thing for me would be which route should I take to ours places of interest 🙂

Complete information can be get from official Parisian Train which is RATP, including below train route map!

Train Route - Paris

Train Route – Paris

Fast & Realiable

Paris Metro is the world famous subway system that ties the city together.  This extensive and efficient underground rail system consists of a vast network of some 380 stations (refer to Wikipedia).  The network connects train stations to the major places of interest. Most of the time, I waited for only about 5 – 15 minutes. My life would be easier if Jakarta (my hometown) has this kind of transportation (please say Amen for this wish 🙂  ).


This is the most impressive part for me from my experience using Parisian train system as my transportation there.

Paris is a true art city or an art-lover city I can say. And some of its beauty is not located in this city upper ground. You will need to go down under:)  Yes, it is Paris’ underground metro station. I never found the same decoration for each station.

Classy - Metro Station Cite

Classy – Metro Station Cite

Beautiful Murals - Metro Station Bastille

Beautiful Murals – Metro Station Bastille

Feel waiting in lounge - Metro Station Franklin D. Roosevelt

Feel waiting in lounge – Metro Station Franklin D. Roosevelt

Vintage - Metro Station Tuileries

Vintage – Metro Station Tuileries


And the most impressive decoration for me was: Concorde. It looks like a gigantic word search puzzle. But actually together they are words to the Declaration of the Rights of Man from French Revolution (refer to Wikipedia).

Word Puzzle - Metro Station Concorde

Word Puzzle – Metro Station Concorde


After did research about the most suitable card for me whom only stayed for 2 days in Paris, landed in Javamilk blog and found about Mobilis card. Basically it is 1 day card for unlimited travel in a day using RER, Metro and Bus. And it will only cost you 6.4 EUR if you buy it in the locket like me.

The most important thing about this card would be to write down your name and travel date in the card (even though I never revealed the card to anyone). Then save this card during your journey. That’s all, you will be ready to go without any concern how many time you will use the train/bus or how long your journey will be as long as in a day. There will be no additional cost!


Yup, Easy peasy, fast, reliable, ARTSY and CHEAP-o! Those words defined Parisian train system for me.


“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted. – Bill Bryson”



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