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Monday Mingle

#3 Monday Mingle: Raya

After a quite long pause.. Today is Monday then let’s do the ‘Monday Mingle’! My ‘Monday Mingle’ is Raya. He was my university classmate. Hang-out buddy? Close enough to share some personal stories? Should be Yes 🙂  His hometown is in Bandung and sometime in Jakarta. Now he lived in Rotterdam. He is now work […]

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The Alps

Interlaken: When The Snow Was Falling on Us

When 19 – 20 March 2012 Travel Mate/s The Husband Itinerary 19/March/2012 Arrived in Interlaken 20/March/2012 Half-day wandering around the city, then go to Geneva, fly to Barcelona   Travel Notes We bought our train ticket to Interlaken directly in Bern Bahnhof, instead of bought it online. The ticket is more expensive compare to our […]

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My favorite! The shop sell Socks! Cute lil' bunny socks doll :)

Bern – Let’s Play Trivia!

When 19 March 2012 Travel Mate/s My Dearest One   Travel Notes During our stay in Bern, since it was a very short time (not even 1 full day), it was decided we would explore the historic Bern Old Town which will be in walking distance from the train station where we will depart to […]

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The Bern!

The Capital City of Switzerland – Bern, It Is not Geneva nor Zurich!

When 18 – 19 March 2012 Travel Mate/s My partner in life 🙂 Itinerary 18/March/2012 Paris to Bern 19/March/2012 Bern city center then out to Interlaken   Travel Notes We were arrived in Bern Central Station by TGV from Paris in almost midnight. Myself did not like traveling at midnight since there will more things […]

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Monday Mingle

#2 Monday Mingle: Nian

It is Monday today! And welcome back to ‘Monday Mingle’  which I started couple months ago as media to share meanings and values of travel; to share a glimpse of joy and fun things about travel. At the end hopefully could intrigue you to join these traveler’s world or even to share yours. My next […]

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Metro Station - Bastille

The Beauty of Paris’ Down Under: Metro Station

Re-read my last post about Paris, has led me to open my Paris’ pictures which brought thousand of memories. And the first memories which came out was my experience exploring the city by using train. If you have read my previous post “Paris, Je t’aime”, even my first impression about this city is got from […]

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Strolling along Seine river bank

Paris, Je t’aime

Paris is the capital city of France. Divided into 20 districts (called: arrondissements), famous for a lot of things; as fashion capital of the world, as city which full of art, as business center in Europe also as the most romantic city. And I included Paris in our Euro ‘honeymoon wannabe’ itinerary just because it […]

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Monday Mingle

#1 Monday Mingle: Mikael

First edition of ‘Monday Mingle’ is Mikael who is one of my best friend. He lives in Jakarta while his hometown is Makassar. In Indonesia, Jakarta and Makassar is located in different island. Now, in daily life he works as SAP Consultant. I traveled with Mikael during my Thailand – Cambodia trip and all I […]

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Pub Street

Siem Reap in 1 Day: Some Piece of Angkor in Me

When 16 – 18 August 2010   Travel Mate/s Atrie & Mik   Itinerary 16/Aug/2010 Bangkok (Thailand) to Siam Reap (Cambodia) 17/Aug/2010 Siam Reap with Angkor Wat as our main agenda 18/Aug/2010 Siam Reap (Cambodia) to Bangkok (Thailand)   Travel Notes After went through several series of intense moment during our arrival to Siem Reap […]

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Red-ish and white-ish. Bella!

Amsterdam: Keukenhof the ‘Kitchen Garden’

When 30 March 2012   Travel Mate/s The Husband   Travel Notes As an ordinary girl, who have some ordinary girl’s dream..such as own a small (but famous) beautiful flower shop. Keukenhof – the world’s largest flower garden – was an absolute temptation for me to visit during my Euro ‘semi-backpacker honeymoon’ trip. So since […]

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